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Welcome to Language for Fun Henley-on-Thames and our lovely, lively French lessons with Anne!

Our Teachers

Anne was born in Paris and brought up in the Western suburb of Paris in St Germain en Laye. She is married to an Englishman and has raised 3 bilingual children. Before moving to England 12 years ago, Anne had a career in a French bank as a Manager.

In 2006, Anne obtained a qualification for “Teaching a Foreign Language to Adults" at East Berkshire College in Windsor. Since then, she has been teaching French language and French conversation to beginners, intermediates and advanced students in various French and English companies, either “one to one”, or to groups of up to 12 and even CEOs!

All these experiences allowed her to learn and to improve her teaching methods while focusing on helping students to improve their confidence. Anne takes great pleasure and enthusiasm in teaching and transmitting her mother-tongue and her culture because she likes people and enjoys interacting with them, but also because she constantly learns from them!

Cate is French-South African and is a huge anglophile. She dreamt of living in England after watching countless episodes of midsomer murders and reading all of Jane Austen's novels whilst growing up in Brittany. Her wish came true in 2008 after she moved from Paris to London to work in banking. She left the city behind 4 years ago as the countryside was calling, fell in love with the Chilterns and now lives in the quiet village of Fingest.

Cate is fluent in English and has fresh experience of what it's like to learn a language. She brings this recent knowledge to all of her lessons today, no matter what level she is teaching, or whether in a group or one to one environment. Cate firmly believes that regular informal practice is key to making progress, as is a sense of humor and the odd glass of wine if needed!'

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Please contact Anne or Cate for more information about our Language for Fun lessons!!

Please contact Anne or Cate for more information about our Language for Fun lessons!!