We’re here to help you learn, or teach, a language – and enjoy every minute!

We believe that learning should be fun!  Our lessons are relaxed, with no exams or compulsory homework!  We focus on conversations about ourselves, that help us to speak the language with confidence and motivate us to understand what people are saying back to us!  You will never  have to talk in front of the whole class – unless you want to – as we’ve designed a method which gets everyone talking at the same time!

Although the atmosphere is relaxed, the class is highly structured.  This helps you to make progress, while at the same time feeling comfortable and knowing what to expect each week.  Through carefully prepared conversations, you will get to know other learners in the language that you want to learn!

We also help talented linguists to work with us by setting up their own local language schools.  You don’t need to be a qualified teacher, so long as you are passionate about sharing your language skills with your local community.

Many adults feel nervous about learning a new language and it’s important to make sure that you are in the right class with a teacher who is going to support you and make you feel welcome.  You can call or email our teachers to have a chat about which level would suit you best and for a free assessment.   If you’re not quite ready to commit to a class, you can still get involved as we also hold social events where you can chat, share, swap travel and learning tips … generally over a glass of something nice!

Take a look at our find a class page to find your nearest teacher.  Or click to find out what our learners and teachers think.