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Welcome to French for Fun in Edinburgh and Leith: lively sociable French conversation classes for adult learners in small groups.

Make 2024 the year you embark on a new language learning adventure.

A unique methodology:
Even if you’ve been to classes before, we have a unique and highly interactive methodology designed to embrace and motivate even the most nervous of learners in a relaxed and supportive way. Rest assured that no one gets left twiddling their thumbs at the back of the class…

Communication, not perfection:
Our classes focus on getting you talking, and because we’ve created a method which has everyone chatting at the same time, there’s no need to feel self-conscious about joining in, or worried about making mistakes.

Grammar is kept to a minimum and always explained in user-friendly terms.
There’s no obligatory homework which will hopefully mean that night-before-class nerves never happen…
Nurturing confidence is key to developing conversation skills and our accessible, thoughtfully designed material will ensure that you supercharge your progress to whatever level you’re aiming at.

The classes and levels currently on offer are just the start, others will emerge in due course so if you don’t see something that suits, please feel free to let me know as new classes can be created if there’s sufficient interest!

Free taster sessions available!

It is also possible to join a class once sessions have started - just get in touch.

What’s included:
• Materials (workbook and revision cards)
• Subscription to our Virtual Learning Environment with support materials
• 10 weeks tuition
• Ready access to tutor support

Beginner Courses
Tue 07/05/24
10 lessons
1.30pm - 2.45pm
Leith Depot Venue
Catherine Campbell
Course teacher
Improver Courses
Wed 08/05/24
10 lessons
6.15pm - 7.30pm
Artisan Roast
Catherine Campbell
Course teacher
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Catherine Campbell Languages taught:
French FlagFrench
Tuition levels:
Beginner Improver Intermediate Advanced
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Hello, I’m Catherine, a dedicated and enthusiastic Francophile, and a PGCE qualified teacher with lots of experience from the front line of Scottish education.

My love of the French language began at school – I relished rolling those lovely sounds around in my mouth purely for pleasure, and that joy and appreciation has grown massively over the years. In my world, there is nothing more beautiful than French.

I did an intense and rather traditional French degree at St Andrews, and emerged fully capable of writing essays about Baudelaire, but still desperately timid when it came to negotiating the purchase of a train ticket. So, I went to live in small town France where nobody spoke English, and that’s when I really got infected and infatuated with the ‘real’ language that people use every day – for me, this is where the essence of speaking another language properly comes to life – through relationships and communication.

Having been through the business of learning French from an English-speaking perspective, I totally appreciate the challenges it can present, and understand how daunting it can be. That’s why the Language for Fun approach may well be right for you as it will allow you to build up confidence in a relaxed and informal setting, without feeling any pressure to ‘get it right’, never being put on the spot, or nagged about homework!

I would love to help you navigate your way to achieving your goals, whether that be embracing a stimulating new hobby or cultivating holiday French which will allow you to order that perfect glass of local wine…and I’m confident that you will thoroughly enjoy your experience en route.

Any questions or requests – please get in touch.
A bientôt, j’espère!

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