Learn a language or improve your language skills in a relaxed but structured class.  Join over 1,000 learners and 70 teachers at one of our lovely, lively language lessons for adults!

Optional homework!  No need to talk in front of the class!  A highly structured conversation class that puts the fun back in to learning.  

Click on our find a class page to sign up for a taster class and see for yourself how anyone can learn a language with our innovative method and material!

Over 1,000 students take our classes at our 50 language schools every week – some have been coming for over 10 years!  Listen to what our learners and teachers have to say.  With us, homework is optional, grammar is kept to a minimum and you will never have to talk in front of the whole class – unless you want to – as we’ve designed a method which gets everyone talking at the same time!

Our fun conversation classes take place in a relaxed, yet highly structured atmosphere where everyone is included and supported.  Our unique method, workbooks and videos support you all the way from Beginner to Advanced level in comfort and style.

We also help talented linguists to set up their own local language schools.  You don’t need to be a qualified teacher, so long as you are passionate about sharing your language skills with your local community.  Go to our teach with us page to find out more!

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