About Language for Fun

Language for Fun was created when I realised that traditional teaching methods weren’t supporting adults to speak confidently

At the time, I was teaching at college and studying for a PGCE in adult education. I also worked part-time in a primary school – where I realised many of the games and techniques children enjoy could be adapted for adults.

I decided to trial a language course for adults where the focus was on fun and conversation, rather than results and written work. And that’s how in 2007, French for Fun was born. I held my first classes in Newcastle-under-Lyme, using my PGCE training combined with trial and error to come up with a regular weekly format.

I knew many learners dreaded the thought of speaking in front of the class. So I designed our courses as a series of conversations, encouraging everyone to get up and talk at the same time. When I enrolled my 60th learner in January 2010, I decided to see if the format would work in other languages.

With the help of a dedicated team of translators, we have since launched a full range of Spanish and Italian materials. The business has blossomed into a UK-wide franchise, helping linguists all over the country run their own classes using our materials. We have more than 100 teachers and we’re growing all the time, so look out for our courses in your area.

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Jessica Bonnard: Founder

Jessica has lived, worked and studied in France and is passionate about the land and the language. She keeps her cultural knowledge up-to-date with frequent trips to the Alps – and her French husband certainly helps.
She has a first-class French and Marketing degree from Lancaster University and a PGCE from Staffordshire University. She is also an Advanced Neurolanguage Coach®*.
Jessica now spends most of her time running the Language for Fun business.
*Registered US and European trademark Rachel Paling.
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