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My name is Marcela and I am Spanish tutor, and "Language for Fun Ltd" licensee, in Liverpool

Are you looking for Spanish classes, in Liverpool?

I tell you about my Spanish classes ...

They are mainly planned for adult Spanish learners (from Absolute Beginner to Advanced level)

My Beginners to Intermediate classes, although they are structured following the "Language for Fun Ltd. linguistic programmes mainly also they are adapted by your tutor to fulfil the tutee interest.

My classes are planned for 60-90 minutes, once per week, with a lot of conversation and practice of the grammar in use.

My classes are performed in a relaxed atmosphere, around a cuppa and biscuits,

My Spanish classes are dedicated to private tuition (mainly for 1-2 students per class) and organised to cover everything you need to learn and know for having a conversation in Spanish

My classes are adapted to the tutee personal and/or professional interest.

I provide Spanish classes for absolute beginners to advanced learners. Whilst my Spanish courses can take you from Absolute Beginner to Advanced level, you only sign up and commit for a term (level), at a time, including 10 consecutive classes (if possible).

The most convenient calendar for the term, for the tutee and tutor, is discussed in advanced

Our Language Classes

Spanish levels available at my school

BEGINNERS, Spanish for Fun levels 1, 2, 3
IMPROVERS, Spanish for Fun levels 1, 2, 3
INTERMEDIATE, Spanish for Fun level 1

MY ADVANCED Spanish classes - planned for fluent Spanish speakers willing to maintain and practice the language
Please, contact me to discuss and agree on a personalised class, for you.

Note: The classes on offer, for the different levels, can be adapted to the personal and/or professional interest and progression of the Spanish tutee.
Class contents and tutee progression is constantly assessed.

Spanish classes for professionals

My Spanish classes can also be tailored to those who want to learn the Spanish language for professional reasons.
Class contents and tutee progression is constantly assessed.

Please, Contact me to discuss your particular interest in the Spanish classes on offer.

Cost of the my classes

For Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate Spanish learners:

Cost: £30 per class / student .
Payment terms: Upfront, monthly payment.

Important note:
Although your payment can be made monthly, I recommend to my students to commit to a term (10 classes per term or level), at a time.
Please, read class cancellations term and conditions (the document is handed out at free assessment meeting). The material in use for the classes is included. Any extra material that might be required to be purchased (e.g. reading books) will be first discussed with the tutee

For Advanced Spanish learners:
The cost is £25 per class /student.

Important note: The cost for the advanced class reflects the fact that the classes are personalised, planned and prepared based on the advanced tutee's particular interest, the practice required to be undertaken and the constant progression and class content revision. Materials in use are also included. Any extra material that might be required to be purchased (e.g. reading books) will be first discussed with the tutee.

Term Dates

My Spanish classes are located in Orrell Park (L9), at 5 minutes walk from Orrell Park rail station (Northerline)

Would you like to book your next Spanish course , with me?

Now subscriptions are open !
Please, send me an email to: languageforfun.mbaudo@gmail.com , to discuss the classes I would like to offer you.

Please, indicate in your email: your personal and contact details, the Spanish level you believe to be at and your preference of time for the classes. I will contact you back as soon it is possible for me!

if you would like to procedure and register for my Spanish classes, I will arrange a FREE ASSESSMENT meeting with you. During the assessment meeting, we will mainly discuss the best Spanish class I could offer you, depending on your personal and/or professional interest, your current Spanish level, the available times for your class, the calendar for the term. Also, we will discuss your payment terms and conditions. At the end of the meeting, I will register you and confirm your place for my classes.

¡Te espero en "Spanish for Fun", at my classes in Liverpool!

See you soon!


Our Teachers

I'm a native Spanish speaker, born in Argentina. I moved to Europe 28 years ago to develop my scientific career. I got a doctoral degree (PhD) in Molecular Genetics in Sweden, and after a couple of postdoctoral stays, I moved to the UK 17 years ago, where I continued my career and became a British citizen. I live with my Spanish partner in our beloved Liverpool. My professional ambition now is to use the skills and expertise developed over the years together with my passion for teaching and to transmit my love of the Spanish language and Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. I am looking forward to meeting you and teaching Spanish to those committed to learn and speak this beautiful and useful modern language in a joyful way whilst at the same time exchanging cultural experiences. Also, please do not forget...The cultural exchange between tutor and tutees is a must in the Spanish classes I proposed you!

Social Events

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Orrell Park, Liverpool L9, United Kingdom

Spanish classes in Orrell Park, Liverpool.
7 minutes walk from Orrell Park Train station,
13 minutes by train from Liverpool Central Station (Northernline)

Spanish classes in Orrell Park, Liverpool.
7 minutes walk from Orrell Park Train station,
13 minutes by train from Liverpool Central Station (Northernline)