Excelente trabajo!!!!

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Learning at home alone is simply not for me. It’s not just the lack of motivation, or social interaction – it’s above all the fact that I can’t ask questions or get feedback that finally send me searching in desperation for a teacher.

Two problems; being on a sabbatical in France I have no spare cash and there are no Spanish groups nearby anyway. So I get creative, call up one of my Spanish teachers who is trying to learn French and a few days later we have our first Skype exchange lesson and I’m back on track, loving learning and feeling really chuffed with my homework feedback which I’ve modestly posted as the title of this blog.

Then I wonder how other people in my situation could find someone to help them. A quick search on ‘language learning exchanges’ comes up with 375 million results!!!!! I decide to join a free language learning community – will anyone get in touch with me? I’ll keep you posted. Can anyone recommend any good sites?

So this week I followed a proper Language for Fun lesson, – 10 new words – a conversation – translation and the verb ‘to have’ – tener. My teacher asked me to put the verb in to meaningful sentences so I decided to write about our cars and our children. I’ll spare you sentimental videos of little people, but thought you might like this one of my car http://www.culturepub.fr/vid…/renault-kangoo-wallace-gromit/

Tengo un Renault Kangoo
Tienes un Ford Fiesta – ¿es verdad? No, tengo un Volkswagen Touran smile emoticon
Mi marido tiene un VW.
Tenemos una hija.
Tenéis una hija y un hijo – ¿es verdad? Sí!!! smile emoticon
Los Waltons tienen muchos hijos

What about you? ¿Tienes coche?