Fun your way to fluency this year!

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Bonne Année! Buon Anno! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! And Happy New Year!


The beginning of a calendar year often means taking up interesting new hobbies, such as signing up to spin classes while also denying ourselves a plethora of delicious food… and then caving in before the week is out.

There is one main reason we give up on our New Year’s resolutions so quickly and it’s simply because we find them boring and unfulfilling.

For some, the start of a new year brings an opportunity and fresh motivation to finally start that lifelong ambition to learn a new language, but it doesn’t need to be monotonous!

Language for Fun provides an enjoyable and unique small-group experience for adults of all abilities, from beginners to advanced learners. Our French, Spanish and Italian lessons take place in a variety of locations around the UK, including cafes and community venues. We also offer live online lessons for those who prefer to learn in an energetic language class from the comfort of their own homes!

You’ll find yourself having so much fun you won’t be clock-watching, and you’ll be delighted with how much you’ve been learning!

Studies show that when something is fun, it helps you to learn better as your brain can retain more information.

In fact, learning a language actually has the same effect as solving ‘brain training puzzles’. Importantly, it also helps to keep the brain ‘fit’ which improves its function and ability to remember.

Language for Fun’s founder, Jessica Bonnard discovered that many of the enjoyable interactive techniques that are often used in children’s education could be adapted for adult pupils.

Alongside her PGCE in adult education, Jessica began to trial a language course aimed at adult learners, shifting the focus from results and written work, to fun and conversation.

Our tutors’ special approach to language teaching develops your thinking and will improve your confidence to converse in a real-world setting.

Trial our lovely classes to get the basics of the French, Spanish or Italian language, developing your skills to unlock an abundance of both professional and personal opportunities, worldwide.

Learning a new language with Language for Fun is engaging and stimulating, our community make real-world friends while building up quickly to short conversations based on your real life from day one.

With our tried and tested learning method and excellent Online Virtual Learning Environment, there is no need to worry about the time commitment. All classes are recorded and you will have access to plenty of unique materials including videos, chat groups and interactive quizzes.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our friendly groups soon, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find a world of opportunity with Language for Fun!