Spanish French Italian courses Greenwich

01/09/2021 - Spanish French Italian courses Greenwich

Welcome to Language for Fun and French for Fun in Greenwich and Blackheath. We are a small, locally run langauge school and we pride ourselves on the personal approach. When you enquire about learning French with us, we we talk to you personally and help you choose the best course, from French beginners to French Improvers or Advanced French. We won’t just make you sign up online and take your money in advance – we’ll let you pay for just one class and then you can decide if you want to carry on.

Our French courses in Blackheath and Greenwich are run in groups that are much smaller than other colleges. We have a highly structured curriculum which has been specifically designed for adult learners who want to learn French for fun as a hobby, and we focus on speaking and communication skills. You don’t have to do homework unless you want to, and we are convinced that making friends and enjoying the social

side is just as important as the progress you make.

Many of our groups end up as long term friends.

Our French Beginners course is perfect if you’ve never done any French before, but there are also the right courses for those who have done GCSE French or (O Level of course) and need to dust it off a bit! We go right through with our own bespoke curriculum to Advanced and beyond so there’s something for you even if you are a hardened Francophile and want some advanced French conversation classes.

If you can’t find the exact French lessons you want advertised on our course listings, do get in touch as we have waiting lists for the less popular courses and also some availability for private French classes.

I’m really proud of our local Blackheath and Greenwich business and I look forward to hearing from you in the hope that we can be a part of your French speaking journey!