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This course is suitable for any one who has done about a year’s formal study and is familiar with the present tenses , and is ready to move on to start using the future tenses.  We’ll begin to develop our conversational skills beyond the basic “getting by” situations in Spain .

What's included?
  • The course is delivered online through the Zoom platform.
  • Learners receive the following materials:
  • Workbook (a physical copy posted to your home)
  • Revision cards
  • Access to online pronunciation videos
  • Additional digital files used during the lessons
  • Access to exclusive interactive material on our Virtual Learning Platform
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Course length: 10 lessons
Teacher: Laia Martinez

Improver - Level 1 Course Information
Starting Date: 19/09/2022
Lesson Duration: 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
This course is being run online.
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Online Blackheath 35 Totnes Road,
DA16 1BU
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Laia Martinez Languages taught:
Spanish FlagSpanish
Tuition levels:
Beginner Improver Intermediate Advanced
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I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, where I earned a degree in Humanities, specialising in history and literature. After graduating, I moved to Holland where I lived for a year before settling in the UK.
Languages have always been my passion. I remember learning English as a young teenager so I could understand and translate the songs of my favourite bands and, later on, diving into new languages so I could speak to those I met in my travels. Eventually, my love for languages led me to become a professional translator in 2007 and I have been translating for international organisations ever since. Last year, after many years of pondering, I decided to pursue an itching desire that had been in my heart for very long – teaching! And that is why I became a qualified Spanish teacher.
As a Spaniard living in London, I have had many opportunities to share my love for my native languages, Spanish and Catalan, to friends and anyone who might be interested. From my experience of traveling to new countries for the first time and wanting to speak to the locals, I understand the uneasiness that might come when trying to communicate in a language you don’t speak at all or well enough. You might even have some knowledge in your head, but when it’s the time to use it, nothing comes out! That is why I particulary like Language for Fun’s approach, which focuses on the communication aspect of learning a language, instead of trying to memorise never-ending vocabulary lists.
Learning new languages opens your mind as it is not just about learning words or grammar rules, but also about discovering new cultures and perspectives. It opens doors to experiences and connections you would otherwise not have and can even improve your memory and concentration!
Would you like to speak with the locals next time you go on holiday to Spain? Or have a conversation in Spanish next time you meet someone from South America? Come and join one of our friendly groups! I hope to meet you soon. ¡Hasta pronto!