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Your Language for Fun business can be set up in under 10 weeks at a pace to suit you!   Just fill in the short form below and we will email you a brochure.  You can also have a look at our video at the bottom of the page to meet one of our licensees or read their stories.  Our next teacher training sessions will be on Saturday 18th February & Saturday 8th April in Stoke-on-Trent, but you can start your business at any time before then with our easy step by step marketing manual.

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If you have excellent language skills, but would like some support to start your own genuinely fun-to-run language lessons, then you have come to the right place!  You do not need to be a qualified teacher – if you have the language skills, we will provide the rest – marketing, mentoring, method and materials!  So far, we have helped more than 40 teachers, who teach fro 10 to 100 learners each! We are growing quickly, but we still have plenty of areas that need teachers! Click here for licensee testimonials like this one:  “At the top of my list of cons when deciding if Language for Fun was for me, was a concern about how good the teaching materials would be. As an ex-teacher and adviser I think I was a bit snobby about whether they’d be up to my exacting standard ! They definitely are. I love teaching with them, find they are easily adaptable to a range of learning needs and are complimented by any of my own ideas.  Classes are great fun and it is fantastic to see the learners making such tangible progress through the programme, week on week. ” Lizzie Knights

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    “I really enjoyed the day – it was lovely to see everyone and I left feeling really positive. The classes are going well and I’m really enjoying them” Lynne Pickwell, Licensee Wokingham

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