Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to French for Fun in Quorn and Woodhouse Eaves

Rachael and Audrey are waiting to meet you in the Quorn and Woodhouse Eaves area and I'm thrilled to confirm that we will be starting all levels from Complete Beginners on to Advanced in April 2018.
I am sure we will find together the best level to suit you !
To discuss it and reserve a place at one of the classes please drop me a line.
I look forward to hearing from you

Our Language Classes

Absolute Beginners

This class is aimed at those who have genuinely not had any experience with learning French before - taught by Rachael you will be gently guided through the Beginners module.

Classes will be held on Thursday from 9.30-11am in Woodhouse Eaves Village hall Annexe

Rusty Beginners

This class, taught by Rachael, is aimed at those who have studied French before albeit some time ago or maybe more recently but you need support to converse in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Classes will be held on Wednesday from 9.30-11am in Woodhouse Eaves Village hall Annexe

Brilliant Beginners

This class is aimed at those with a first French experience but are willing to consolidate their basics in grammar and use of present tense. Rachael will guide you through this steps and always keep the objective of allow you to converse in our relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Classes will be held on Friday from 1-2.30pm in the Methodist Church in Woodhouse Eaves.


Taught by Audrey - This class is aimed at consolidating course vocab and grammar and introducing tenses, vocab and having the all important opportunity to talk!

Classes will be held on Tuesday from 9.30-11am in the Methodist Church in Woodhouse Eaves
and Friday 1.30-3.00pm at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall Annexe.


Taught by Audrey - This class is aimed at experienced French speakers. Here it is all about conversing and building vocabulary and conversation skills on advanced specific domains. With the France A to Z there will be a lot to explore.

Classes will be held on Tuesday during lunchtime in a venue still to be confirmed.

Term Dates

Term dates will start W/C 9th April for Improvers and W/C 23rd April for Beginners and Advanced - the courses will run for 10 weeks followed by a social event.

Our Teachers

Rachael Roberts

email: Christianne@languageforfun.uk

phone: 07794 051355

Hi! I’m Rachael. I love speaking French and enjoy any opportunity to converse with my French friends. My first trip to France was on a family holiday aged 10, and this cemented my love of everything French. After studying French and Business at university, I spent 5 wonderful years living and working in the French capital. I was the only English person in our office and I really appreciated the opportunities I had to fully immerse myself in the culture and everyday customs of those amazing people. I knew that I wanted to be able to share this passion with my students. So whatever your reason for learning French, I can help you on your journey as we explore and discover this really rich, beautiful language.

Audrey Davidenkoff

email: Christianne@languageforfun.uk

Phone: 07794 051355

Bonjour ! I’m Audrey. I'm French, and moved to the UK only a year ago, to follow my husband in a work opportunity. Now that the whole family is properly settled down in the country, I am very excited to join Language for Fun. I can’t wait to share with you my knowledge of France, French culture, and of course the beautiful but sometimes tricky French language !!! I am originally from Lyon, a beautiful city I love, famous for its architecture, but mainly for its amazing food, and sometimes for the traffic jams under its tunnel on the way to the South of France !!! But i also used to travel a lot around the world, and love new discoveries and sharing with others. I’m looking forward to meeting you for your new French adventure. A très bientôt !!!

Social Events

We are still working on building our next social event.
But you can already block Friday July 6th evening in our agenda for a Fun French evening !
Check this space for details soon...


Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Royaume-Uni

Village Hall Annexe

Woodhouse Eaves Methodist Church, Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Royaume-Uni

Methodist Church

Village Hall Annexe

Methodist Church


Number of lessonsClass durationPrice
Beginners and Improvers - 10 lessons 60-90 130 £
Advanced - 10 lessons 60 150 £

Payable per term in advance - free taster classes