Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to French for Fun Billericay! We are hoping to start classes soon, but we need to find a lovely French teacher as our current teacher has had to stop! Do you know anyone who might be interested in teaching? Are you interested in learning with us? If so it would be great for us to hear that you're interested in becoming a learner. Just click on the blue Get in Touch button at the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Learning a language can be fun! Our lessons are relaxed, with no exams or compulsory homework! We focus on conversations about ourselves, that help us to speak the language with confidence and motivate us to understand what people are saying back to us! You will never have to talk in front of the whole class – unless you want to – as we’ve designed a method which gets everyone talking at the same time!

Although the atmosphere is relaxed, the class is highly structured. This helps you to make progress, while at the same time feeling comfortable and knowing what to expect each week. Through carefully prepared conversations, you will get to know other learners in the language that you want to learn! Some of our learners have been coming for more than six years and still enjoy every minute!

Social Events

We will be holding a taster lesson for you to come and see what our method is all about, meet the teacher and other learners. Do get in touch if you would like us to send you an invitation.


Billericay, United Kingdom