Have a look at what some of our students have to say about our lessons in this short film by clicking here.

“I have really enjoyed the class and really hate missing the sessions, I have found that my confidence has greatly improved over the last term with speaking and translating Spanish.  I really look forward to starting back again in September.”

“A wonderful, fun way to learn another language in a warm and welcoming environment.”

“Very good lessons and a brilliant teacher!”

“Very good classes to suit all ages and abilities. My knowledge and confidence have been much improved. As a senior citizen with no previous language skills, I have enjoyed the group lessons and the patient light touch of our teacher who works hard to ensure inclusivity.”

“Good lessons. The teacher is great and keen to teach. He has a very good knowledge which helps us to learn. Inspiring!”

“French for Fun classes are relaxed, fun and everyone is very welcoming. They are a must for anyone with an interest in the French culture!”

I really enjoyed the French lessons. Thank you for your fun and attentive teaching!”

“Very enjoyable, inventive, instructive – indeed French for fun!”

“I love French for Fun.  It has been the best way I have ever had to learn French”

“Great fun, thoroughly enjoyable.  Helps to keep up your French between visits whilst introducing new topics, new language and everyday idioms.  A genuine advanced level course but easily accessible.”

“These lessons are the best preparation for your summer holiday and for meeting French people.  Very friendly and enjoyable!”

“What a great time!  Despite enjoying ourselves we actually learned a lot of French, including the dreaded subjunctive.  I’ll be back for more next term.”

“An excellent opportunity to improve your oral French skills without stress.  I shall continue in September!”

“Innovative learning, both serious and light-hearted.”

“Mathilde is an excellent teacher, I am really enjoying learning with her.”

“My tutor is FAN-TAS-TIC! Caring, kind and very patient. Learning is challenging and fun because of her. She has given me confidence and courage to keep going when my morale has been low.”

“It’s a great way to learn; challenging; enjoyable; useful!”

“Great teacher well done”

“The classes are good fun. Brilliant structure and well tutored.”

“I think it is so important to learn a language face to face. I have studied French online with the OU and it is not the same. French for Fun meets my criteria for studying the language.”

“The lessons are great.”

“Just for fun. All the teachers were fantastic especially Jessica .really enjoyed it and would like to restart.”

“I enjoy the whole approach to learning, it’s great fun and it really builds confidence. I do not have any language qualifications and I am enjoying learning something new.”

“Learning in a non-competitive, friendly and enjoyable environment is important for me and LfF does this really well.”

“A superb set of teaching materials presented professionally and imaginatively; we both love it. Bonne Chance Jessica!”

“Any chance of putting learning into practice with a brief, organised trip to France?”

“Great course! Thank you!”

“Just enough ‘push’ in this format to keep most people motivated, and just enough ‘coax’ to overcome the fear of failure.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable and valued course at the right level meeting all my expectations.”