Spanish Testimonial

A Review

“ I signed up with Steve Hodgson from “Languages for fun” this January 2020. I enjoy visiting Spain on vacation and wanted to enhance my enjoyment of my time there with a better understanding of the language. I attend the lessons on my own as a complete beginner. Firstly, I have to say how much I have enjoyed the lessons, Steve has made the classes fun whilst also ensuring we are taking on board a minimum of what we should be learning each week. To be fair I would say Steve covers more than the basic weekly syllabus as he is committed to try and pass on all his knowledge he can to us whilst there. I like the structure of how we learn Spanish as it’s broken down into manageable amounts per week which as a novice makes it seem achievable to learn. Finally, even after just half way through the course I do believe I have learnt a lot and my Spanish has definitely improved and so has my understanding of the language. Even at this early stage I’ve signed up to the beginners 2 course as I’ve seen enough of it’s benefits in action. I’m really enjoying the lessons too and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Steve Hodgson and Languages for Fun. I’d class myself as an absolute beginner and felt anxious about doing something like this but would now positively recommend it."
John Diskin - Dewsbury