French Improvers – The Red Carpet Cinema

A Review

I always wanted to take up French again after completing a GCSE through an evening class many years ago. So, when I retired I bit the bullet and signed up for classes with Christianne. I did speak to her first because by the passage of time, I was a ‘beginner’ and it was important to be with people of a similar standard. Christianne was very reassuring on this point. My fellow learners are all very supportive, and we learn in a very convivial atmosphere, have fun and laughs along the way. At the same time we are learning and improving and I cannot believe how much French I actually spoke to my French friends when we were with them last summer. Indeed they were very complimentary about my efforts. My advice- don’t hesitate if it’s something you really want to do. It does require some homework and effort but not so much that it becomes a chore. Christianne is not only a delightful person and an excellent teacher but a very good communicator and always willing to give her time in supporting your learning.
Kate - The Red Carpet Cinema