Fun French on Zoom

A Review

Language for Fun really makes brushing up on my school French fun. So glad I joined the small Intermediate French class which is taught on Zoom in a relaxed, fun and engaging way. Breakout rooms with small groups or a partner are an ideal way of encouraging people to speak, listen and to get to know each other. Next best thing to the real-life experience. Jemma makes lessons interactive and varied, she brings in new handouts and exercises to complement the original materials. Chunks of additional vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and a bit of grammar appear in the right quantities at the right time, encouraging me to build upon and use what I have learnt in class. My confidence has grown as a result. I feel very enthusiastic about it all and now try and watch as many French series on TV as possible. Looking forward to new classes this year and, fingers crossed, a trip to France in the summer.
Ursula S - Lichfield - Duke of York