Welcome to Language For Fun!

Hi and welcome from myself, Colin

My new Language for Fun Classes in the St Helens area covering French, Italian and Spanish will start up again during week commencing 17th September 2018.

If you need any help in deciding which level and which class are best suited to you, I'd be happy to assist- we also have some materials available to help you work through this question for yourself.

Each term comprises 10 weekly lessons plus a one week break for half-term

Price is £14 per lesson (60-90 minutes typically) plus £10 for the work materials ie a total of £150-all I ask is that you sign up and pay for a block of 10 lessons at the start of each term

There is also a requirement for a minimum of 3 class participants

Do call me on 07974 827746 or e mail language-for-fun-colin@hotmail.com .

See you soon!


Our Language Classes

Italian-Absolute Beginners

Every Wednesday evening at 6pm starting 19th September

No prior knowledge assumed

Spanish-Absolute Beginners

Every Monday evening at 6pm starting 17th September 2018

No prior knowledge assumed


Every Tuesday morning at 11am starting 18th September 2018

Suitable for those who have some basic knowledge of Spanish already


Every Thursday evening at 6pm starting 20th September

No prior knowledge assumed


Every Thursday evening at 7.30pm starting 20th September

Suitable for those who have some basic knowledge of French already


1pm on a Tuesday afternoon starting 18th September 2018. Suitable for those learners who have followed our improver level of classes or those with a good basic knowledge of French eg to GCSE level looking to move to the next level

Term Dates

Autumn term dates in St Helens from week of 17th September 2018. 10 weekly lessons

Our Teachers

Colin Gardner.

Phone: 07974 827746

E Mail: language-for-fun-colin@hotmail.com


I thought you might be interested to know a little bit about myself and how I came to be involved with Languages for Fun.

Whilst browsing for ideas at the Language Show in London during autumn 2014, I stumbled across Language for Fun founder Jessica and one of her long-standing franchisee teachers Brigitte. An hour later I was still in discussions with them!

I went to the show as a small business providing foreign language tuition, interpreting and translating in French, German and Spanish and walked away convinced that I should also start offering group classes using the Language for Fun methods in my neck of the woods in the North West of England from early 2015.

My own foreign language journey covers more than 30 years and after studying the obligatory French and German at A level at school, I went into business and ended up using my French and German on an almost daily basis as my career meant not only regular visits to those countries but also living there for extended periods-Osnabrueck in North Germany for nearly 3 years and just to the north of Paris for a few months.

In between those lengthy secondments, I also spent considerable time on business development projects in the Basque Country of Northern Spain and looking to acquire businesses in Latin America which meant learning Spanish from scratch and getting it up to a standard where I could do business in it over the course of a year.

Having got the language bug well and truly by then, I went on to study for business purposes a number of other languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Russian.

All very different, all equally challenging but all huge amounts of fun when you have the chance to use them in real life to do business and to make friends.

For those of you who are just starting out on the foreign language journey as an adult learner, I can really empathize with you and understand the challenges you will face having done it so often myself!

Anyway, my love of languages-both learning and teaching-persuaded me at the start of 2014 to abandon the business I was then running in renewable energy in favour of a full-time foreign language tutoring career.

Based in St Helens in the North West of England, I currently offer classes in French and Spanish at all levels and my venues cover the St Helens area including Eccleston, Windle, Eccleston Park, West Park and Rainford plus Warrington and Billinge

In time I hope to build on this by also adding German classes and I am looking at venues for French, German, Italian and Spanish in the Liverpool and Widnes areas.




Number of lessonsClass durationPrice
French-All Classes 60-90 minutes £150 for 10 lessons
Spanish-All Classes 60-90 minutes £150 for 10 lessons
Italian-All Classes 60-90 minutes £150 for 10 lessons

Price payable in full at start of term