Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to Reading's lovely, lively French lessons for adults with Lynne!
We offer fun, stress-free lessons with no exams and no compulsory homework in relaxed but highly structured and effective classes, where a large part of the lesson is spent talking to other learners.
French for Fun classes are a great way to learn French, while socialising and and meeting new people. Group numbers are kept small (12 maximum) to allow everyone to play an active part in classes.

Our Teachers

Lynne studied French at the University of Glasgow, graduating with an M.A. (Hons), 1st class, then studied for a P.G.C.E. in French and English at the University of Strathclyde. She subsequently headed south, and taught French for over 10 years in schools in Berkshire, before having her 2 daughters. Lynne is looking forward to sharing her love of French in her French for Fun classes.


Reading, United Kingdom