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This “on-line” course via Teams, is ideal for people with some previous knowledge of Spanish.

People who have had some experience, perhaps from holidays etc, but still consider themselves a good “beginner”

People who have been trying to learn using “apps” and have become disillusioned?

People who want to speak Spanish whilst on holiday.

People who have a holiday home in Spain, or who are thinking of moving/retiring there and would like to be able to communicate with Spanish people.

People who are looking to add a hobby or interest to their lives and to potentially making new friends.

What's included?
  • 10 x 90-minute lessons weekly, with recaps weekly
  • Full lesson and learning sheets, plus video recap
  • Virtual Learning Experience
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Course length: 10 lessons
Teacher: Steve Hodgson

Beginner - Refresher Course Information
Starting Date: 01/04/2023
Lesson Duration: 10:15 am - 11:45 am
Lessons will be done on a 1-1 basis online via Teams and learners will benefit from the fully exclusive teaching. Lesson plans are typically one hour long, but we will do up to an additional 30 minutes, to incorporate more learning. The lessons will include some grammar and culture, plus learning key words, phrases and translations. The key words and phrases will be repeated on a video, as part of our "virtual learning experience" that learners have unlimited access to and the lesson will be re-capped the following week, giving the maximum opportunity to learn and retain. The online "virtual learning experience" also provides the opportunity to study everything we have learned in the lesson and can really help you retain the information. The intention is to have fun whilst we learn, and no exams or tests will be included, and no pressure is ever put on an individual. Occasionally we arrange to visit a local tapas restaurant with other students who are learning in different live groups. This gives us the chance to meet other learners and to practice some Spanish on the restaurant staff. Again, this is purely optional and there is never any pressure to speak, but it can be fun and gives you some gratification for all your work. For the first time, in March 2023, we had a group trip to Spain for 3 nights. This was a great opportunity for people at different levels of Spanish, to practice speaking the language, but just as important, practice listening to Spanish, not just with waiters, hotel reception etc, but with dedicated language exchange students that will be organised during the trip. It was also another opportunity to make new friends and discuss a common subject "Spanish" As the trip was a success, we will be doing another one in November and thereafter twice a year.
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Rothwell - South Leeds Rothwell Baptist Church,
Wood Lane,
West Yorkshire,
LS26 0PG
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Steve Hodgson Languages taught:
Spanish FlagSpanish
Tuition levels:
Beginner Improver Intermediate Advanced
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Steve started with Language for Fun in 2019 and has many happy learners. His interest in the Spanish language began back in 1987 when he went to work in Spain as a holiday rep. His journey began in Menorca and ended in Benidorm in 1997. During the ten years working overseas in various Spanish resorts, Steve developed a love for Spain, its culture and its language and that passion continues to this day, over 30 years later.

Steve perfected his conversational and grammatical understanding of Spanish and is 100% self taught.

Steve believes that a major benefit to his overall comprehension of Spanish was the fact that he lived in Spain and was able to listen and observe the way the Spanish people spoke. It was almost like a constant and ongoing lesson for him and he picked up all the Spanish colloquialisms and ended up with a fairly decent Spanish accent.

During the winter of 1991/2 Steve took some time off to work in a ski resort in Andorra and took a job singing and playing guitar in a restaurant, he did some ski instructing for beginners and he also did some Spanish teaching to some of the British resort staff.

Steve finished his overseas career in 1997 and subsequently returned to the UK, but continued to visit Spain whenever he could and take holidays there in order to try and maintain a high level of Spanish. After all that work getting fluent in the language, it would have been a shame to lose it.

It has always been a dream of Steve's to teach Spanish, for two reasons:
1) The satisfaction from being able to pass on his knowledge to others and see them progress, as he remembers what it was like for him at the early stages.
2) It gives him the opportunity to keep speaking a language he loves.

Being a Spanish Teacher at Language for Fun, is the perfect opportunity for Steve to continue his journey through Spain, its culture and its language and he very much hopes you can join him.