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..those who can have basic conversations in French about standard topics like buying and ordering food, asking for directions, making reservations and explaining possible holiday problems in a simple way…all using the present tense.  This unit goes back to introducing yourself and getting to know French people  but it does so in a more in-depth manner. The present tense of modal verbs are covered so that you can add more nuance to your statements and a special use of the present tense is used that allows you to talk about past events in a way. The present tense of ‘aller’ is also covered to help form a kind of future tense.future events. This is a fun topic as it allows learners to talk about family dynamics in some detail … as well as alcoholic drinks!

What's included?
  • 20 double-sided worksheets
  • 10 double-sided word cards
  • Ring binder file with dividers
  • Access to the Language for Fun Virtual Learning Environment with reinforcement exercises and videos
  • Fun lessons from the convenience, comfort and safety of your own home.
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Course length: 10 lessons
Teacher: Ruth Frewin

Improver - Level 1 Course Information
Starting Date: 24/09/2021
Lesson Duration: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
There will be five lessons, then a break for school half-term holidays on 29/10/2021, then five more lessons until 03/12/2021 (with 10/12/2021 as a contingency lesson). There will be an end-of-term (hopefully 'live') Christmas social in December. Date/venue tbc.
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ONLINE Chez Ruth Faris Lane,
KT15 3DN
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French FlagFrench Spanish FlagSpanish
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Beginner Improver Intermediate Advanced
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Since my first of many twinning exchange trips to the Loire Valley in France and to the Ruhr Valley in Germany in my teens, I have always loved foreign languages, cultures and people (and of course the food and drink too). As part of my university studies, I spent eight months in Lorraine on the border with Belgium and Luxembourg, four months in Nordrhein-Westfalen on the border with the Netherlands and four months in the city of Lyon. Having only started learning Spanish as an adult, I have not spent extensive amounts of time in Spain but I have holidayed there as well as in Peru. Before becoming a licencee with Language for Fun, I taught for twelve years in secondary schools, including one in Zambia near the border with French-speaking Congo. I have had many adventures in many Francophone, Germanophone and Hispanophone countries where my language 'skills' have both saved the day AND got me into a bit of hot water! Let me use MY cringeworthy past experiences of making hilarious mistakes save YOU from doing the same.
When I am not teaching or learning languages (I speak Dutch now too), I enjoy swimming, reading and walking but I am particularly passionate about the performing arts; I think you will be able to tell this when you meet me! I look forward to meeting YOU!