Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to French for Fun in Harrow with Brigitte.
If you are totally new to French, our next TOTAL BEGINNERS COURSE will start in September 2017.

If you have done some French before, try either our

BEGINNERS PLUS class (20-30 hours previous studies necessary)

REFRESHERS class (see details below)

ADVANCED conversation and PRIVATE tuition also available....


Our Language Classes


This class will start in September 2017.


You already know a bit of French so you don't want to start from scratch again.
So join this very friendly on-going group and you'll be still learning the basics without wasting time on those early (but useful!) phrases that you have learned in other beginners courses..


You already have some past knowledge of French. Your grammar is basic/rusty but you have an idea of present past an future tenses? Join our Module 2-Part 2 improvers group to consolidate foundations and develop vocabulary. This structured class for Adults will build your confidence in speaking while developing your knowledge of the French language.


If you have recently studied or practised French and feel a bit more confident , contact Brigitte to check your level and try one of the "higher" classes ...


If you prefer one-to-one sessions, book a free 15mn meeting with Brigitte to discuss your need and your goals.

Term Dates

Contact us for a full timetable, descriptions and to book a place.


Our Teachers

Brigitte is a French native form the Auvergne region. She studied languages (English, German and Spanish) at master level at the University of Clermont-Ferrand and worked for a short while in Germany (translation), before being given the opportunity to come and work in England… that was some 20 odd years ago…

Brigitte has been working with Language for Fun for 5 years and the Harrow centre has been going on for as long. As a teacher, one of Brigitte's absolute priority is to make sure that her students develop their confidence in and love of speaking French before and above all.

She also loves nothing better than sharing and facilitating the understanding of the complex linguistic mechanisms, while keeping it all as light hearted as possible. The learning experience has to be effective, but fun and lively as well!

So expect to be fully immersed into French, to be supported in the challenges you might come across, to be praised for your efforts and progresses, to be stretched intellectually and above all to make your learning experience an enjoyable moment.

Social Events

Monthly Coffee Mornings for all levels to practise French and share tips and experiences.
No charge except your coffee/drink.
Check with Brigitte for details.



Pinner HA5 3JE, United Kingdom

Please contact Brigitte (brigitte.lacoste@yahoo.co.uk) if you want to attend any lesson being held in Harrow or any other information about our Language for Fun lessons!!

Please contact Brigitte (brigitte.lacoste@yahoo.co.uk) if you want to attend any lesson being held in Harrow or any other information about our Language for Fun lessons!!


Number of lessonsClass durationPrice
9 weeks 1h15 £145

You are invited to try a class for £10 only before joining to check the level and format. Booking essentials as places are limited.