Welcome to Language For Fun!

Welcome to Language for Fun Italian. For French click here.
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Ciao! Are you planning a visit to Italy and want to make sure you are not missing out on anything from the restaurant menus?
Are you fascinated by Italian culture?
Whatever you reasons are, if you are actually reading this page it means that you have some interest for “la lingua bella” and would like to speak and understand some more!
The good news is, that you are in the right place and already half way through reaching your goal! What to do next? Just join our fun, stress free and highly engaging classes and the rest of the work is easily done!
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• Our language classes focus on FUN and CONVERSATION, in an interactive and relaxed environment.
• We work in SMALL GROUPS where everyone feels welcome and at ease to speak and learn Italian.
• There are NO EXAMS and HOMEWORK IS NOT COMPULSORY – this is a very good opportunity to socialise, meet new people and brush off the stress of our daily routines…while learning something new!
The NEXT TERMS are starting in January 2018 , get in touch to ask any questions and reserve your space.
Additionally we will have some SOCIAL EVENTS where we you will be able to socialize and practice your Italian.

Our Language Classes

Italian for Beginners

These classes are suitable for real beginners with absolutely no knowledge of Italian. Starting from scratch you can quickly build up your knowledge of Italian and have a basic conversation.
At the end of the course you will be able to introduce yourself and talk about your friends and family.
Classes will start on NEW DAY Tuesday 23rd January 2018 and they will be held at Mycenae House, NEW DAY Tuesday at 20:15 Class tbc

Italian for Beginners plus

If you have followed the Beginners 1 course, or you have already studied a little Italian (10 hours), then it's time to prepare your trip - learn how to order from a menu, ask for directions and get ready for your holiday.
Classes will start on NEW DAY 25th January 2018 and they will be held at Mycenae House, NEW DAY Thursday 20:15 Class tbc

Italian for Improvers

These classes are suitable for learners with some knowledge of Italian who would like to improve their language and conversation skills! Perhaps you studied Italian at school and you still recall some of it, but you don't feel confident to start a conversation! Italian for Improvers will definitely bring your inner knowledge back to life and put you back on track!
Classes will start in 23rd January 2018 and they will be held at Mycenae House, Tuesday 19:00-20:00 Class tbc

Italian for Intermediate / Advanced

Italy from A - Z! As a more independent learner, we will be covering conversation topics on every aspect of Italian culture whilst lightly revisiting core grammar points to make sure they stay fresh in our minds. This class is held by a native speaker who is also fully fluent in English! Classes will start in 25th January 2018 and they will be held at Mycenae House, Thursday 19:00 - 20:00 Class tbc

Term Dates

Classes will start on Tuesday 23rd or Thursday 25th January and continue to 27th & 29th March with no classes on 13th or 15th of February.

Our Teachers

Ciao! My name's Lili!
I was born in the US but raised in Italy for the majority of my life! I had to learn Italian from scratch as a child and learn about the rich traditional culture that makes Italy such a unique country.
Being able to communicate with others and understand the cultural subtext of a language have therefore always been a strong passion of mine!
I started teaching languages in Italy when I was 16 and I would teach anywhere I found people interested enough to learn. Whether it be through linguistic centres, private tutoring, public schools, children associations, you name it! Languages bring people together and help put oneself into perspective through the eyes of another culture. That's why I love teaching. I love people and learning through the students I get to meet. Which brings me to why I became interested in Language for Fun. The program is more focused on the importance and joy of communicating. It's not about how many words you can memorise, it's not about how complex you can get your grammar structures to be, it's about being able to get your message out. Which, I can assure you from experience, is possibly the most important key when learning a new language, and yet, a lot of courses seem to overlook that. Language for Fun promotes the same approach I would try my hardest to bring into my classes back home in Italy.
I look forward to meeting you, and hope to deliver the same love for the Italian language and culture I have, with all the tricks and facts that I learned over the years!
A presto!


Non parlo Italiano, mi dispiace! I'm afraid I'm a French speaker, but when I found out that the Greenwich centre would be closing after our teacher headed back to Italy, I was determined to keep the classes going! As well as managing the admin for Italian in Greenwich I run Language for Fun nationwide so bear with me - I aim to reply to all enquiries within 48 working hours. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone at our first classes. Jessica

Social Events

Spaces are limited, so please email us at italiangreenwich@languageforfun.uk to show your interest and reserve a seat. For more information visit our
FACEBOOK page where you can also receive updates about any classes or events we organise!


Mycenae House, Mycenae Road, London, United Kingdom

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Mycenae House
90 Mycenae Road
London SE3 7SE

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Greenwich, Londra, Regno Unito

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Mycenae House
90 Mycenae Road
London SE3 7SE

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Number of lessonsClass durationPrice
9 lessons 60 minutes £155 (including learning materials)

Payable per term in advance. Please note this price reflects this term's introductory offer and may be subject to change once the offer has expired.